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Connecticut Invents!

Connecticut Invents! is a standards based hands on education program for children who are entering the 4th or 5th grade. The program celebrates Connecticut inventors and inventions while letting the kids become inventors themselves. Connecticut Invents! highlights the numerous inventors and inventions that have come from our state over the past 200 years. Students will be introduced to many famous and not so famous Connecticut inventions including the Colt revolver, the toothpaste tube, Frisbee, tape measure, Wiffleball, can opener, submarine and many more.

The museum has created the Connecticut Patents Database; a searchable record of over 20,000 patents granted to Connecticut inventors between 1790 and 1890. Using this database the students will discover unique inventions from all over the state including their hometown. Hands on activities will allow the young inventors to create their own Connecticut invention using simple materials such as straws, tape, pencils and paperclips.

This 60 minute program can be presented as an outreach program at your school, library or other site. Maximum group number per program is 25 children. A suggested donation of $25.00 per program presentation allows us to offset the expense of materials and enhance this program.

For more information about Connecticut Invents! or other museum programs please contact Patrick Smith, Curator of Education at 860-757-6693 or 

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The Museum is part of the Connec

The Museum is part of the Connecticut State Library.
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